allows you to donate the value of your car to the University of your choice while maximizing your contribution and your tax deduction.

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Support Your University
As strong supporters of our Universities, we wanted to help our schools but did not have the money. One of us joked that he would have to sell an organ to actually make a difference, and his mom told him to sell the old car. The wheels started turning.

We knew there were people out there just like us, with the best of intentions but without a great deal of cash. We were shocked to find out that of all the car donation groups, none were dedicated to channeling the funds to schools. Armed with a new and creative way to support our alma maters and a partner in the car recycling business, we created a company that gives donors a new and effective way to give back to their schools. We were confident that Universities would welcome this new form of giving, and so was born.

We have drastically reduced the inflated expenses that are traditionally imposed by auto donation organizations. Unlike other groups that utilize an unfair percentage-based pricing system, AlumniAutos’ flat-fee structure guarantees that the University of your choice is the true beneficiary of your donation.

Ask A Competitor Challenge!
“If my car goes to auction and sells for $1,000 what amount will end up making it to the NPO?”

Maximize Your Donation
Our dedicated auction specialists will help to ensure the highest sale price of your vehicle to maximize your contribution and tax deduction.

Our service is available nationwide. AlumniAutos partners with the leading auto auction house in the country and provides expert service from the pick up of the vehicle to the sale of the car. We ensure an easy-to-use process that is focused on the donor experience and maximizing your contribution to the University.

Donation Is 100% Tax Deductible
IRS Guaranteed Minimum $500 Deduction made it easy for me to give back to my University. I had my tax deduction certificate in days. Thanks Alumni Auto!

Satisfied Customer