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Your donation will enable Universities to focus more on their mission of providing education and less on how to fund their developmental programs

  • Every gift helps no matter the size! All gifts have a ripple effect that benefits the University and its supporting organizations. “Foundations, corporations, and other major donors all consider alumni gifts of any amount to be votes of confidence for that institution”
  • Support the institution, various projects
    • Give back to the University that helped you
    • Help fund
      • Student Programs
      • Academic life
      • Sponsored Foundations
      • Scholarship programs
      • Athletic Departments
      • And much more
  • Donation made in your name to the University
  • allows you to make a donation with no cash out of pocket

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

  • Easy tax deduction process
  • IRS allowed minimum deduction of $500 for vehicle donation
  • Deduct full sale value of your vehicle
  • Visit our tax resource center to walk you through the easy process of tax donations and all forms
  • AlumniAutos guarantees the highest value of your vehicle at auction with an onsite auction representative

Hassle Free Donation

  • No cost to donor
  • No headache
  • At home fast pickup of vehicle
  • Nationwide Vehicle Pickup
  • If you live in New York and you want to donate to a West Coast University, no problem
  • Hassle free – tax deduction
  • Tax resource center helps shed light on the tax deduction process
  • Links to necessary IRS resources